More Rabbit (Dumplings)

This recipe was taken from “Food Facts from the Kitchen Front” a book of Wartime Recipes and Hints. The book had a foreward by Lord Woolton, the Minister of Food.

Rabbit Dumplings
Rabbit Dumplings

2-3 fleshy joints cooked rabbit
Also the broth in which they were cooked
Scraps of bacon if possible
8 oz self raising flour
2 oz chopped suet
water to mix
Remove the meat from the joint and chop finely.
Sieve the flour into a basin, add a pinch of salt and the finely chopped suet, the the prepared meat with finely chopped bacon if available.Mix with a little water to make a stiff pasteand form into small dumplings with floured fingers. Boil these in the broth in which the rabbit was cooked, keeping the lid on the pan. Serve broth and dumplings together.