Corned Beef and Oatmeal Pudding

This recipe was taken from “Food Facts from the Kitchen Front” a book of Wartime Recipes first published in 1941. The book had a foreword by Lord Woolton, the Minister of Food.
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Foof Facts from the Kitchen Front
Foof Facts from the Kitchen Front
 1 lb chopped corned beef
4 oz fine oatmeal
2 oz wheatmeal breadcrumbs
1 teaspoon powdered sage
1 oz dripping
2 tablespoons grated raw carrot
1/2 pint stock or vegetable water
pepper and salt
 Toast oatmeal lightly in the dripping, add the other ingredients, mix all together with the stock.
Turn into a greased basin, and boil or steam for 1 1/2 hours.
Serve with green vegetables.

Corned Beef Hash

Corned Beef tin
Corned Beef tin

Corned Beef Hash is a dish consisting of corned beef, potatoes, and spices that are mashed together into a smooth, creamy consistency, and then cooked either alone or with other ingredients such as onions.

In many locations, corned beef hash is served primarily as a breakfast food on restaurant menus and as home cuisine, often served with eggs and toast, and occasionally fried potatoes (hash browns, home fries, etc.). The dish is usually known as corned beef hash with eggs, or corned beef hash and eggs. Alternative versions of the dish use roast beef hash.

Corned beef hash became especially popular in some countries during and after World War II as rationing limited the availability of fresh meat