A lot of the recipes from the 1942 recipe book use Yeastrel which is no longer manufactured.

Yestrel advertisement

Yeastrel “The Vitamin B Savoury” first appeared sometime in the early 1930’s and was a yeast extract produced by a firm in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh Scotland. It was claimed to be a rich source of vitamin B and was used as a food supplement during the war being sold through health food stores.

Production continued until sometime in the mid 1960’s. The product was still being advertised in 1962/63.

The nearest equivalent we have today is Vegemite™ which is produced by Craft Foods in Australia although it widely available in the United Kingdom. Yeastrel may have been less salty then Vegemite™ so if you are using this as a substitute you may need to use less than the recipe amount.

I you remember this product and can add to this information, please get in touch.


Marmite Biscuits

You can substitute Vegemite for Marmite if your a veggie and its a lot cheaper in the UK than Marmite! This recipe is from 1942.

I lb. wholewheat flour
1 dessertspoon Marmite
4ozs cooking fat
Little cold water

Put flour into cold basin. Rub in fat until it looks like fine breadcrumbs. Add water a little at a time to the dry ingredients to make a firm dough. When well mixed, turn on to a floured board. Roll out thin. Now spread over thinly with Marmite, fold over and roll out again.

Spread with more Marmite, fold over and roll out.
Cut into rounds or fingers, bake in moderate oven until crisp and brown.