Making the most of Sugar

Making the most of the sugar
Making the most of the sugar

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  1. Beekeeping has been done for more than 150 years in the US & reportedly used during the days of rationing in place of sugar. I’d really like recipes for this option, using no sugar or very low sugar, if possible. As a Living Historian, am always on the lookout for sharing very low sugar recipes to families. Thank you!

    • Hi

      I think you are missing the point of this website which is about rationing during the war and afterwards. Honey would not have been available to the vast majority of the public so very few recipes were published using honey as a sweetner in place of sugar. If you are looking for low sugar recipes there are plenty of other websits that fulfill this requirement.

  2. Hi
    FYI (coming from a diabetic stand point), you should understand that there is no added food value in honey as it is still pure sugar – admittedly unrefined sugar, but pure sugar non the less. Admin is clearly correct, you can look at other websites if you want recipes using honey instead of sugar, there are plenty of them out there.

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