Potato Short Bread

Potato Short Bread

3 ozs margarine
2 ozs rice flour
Pinch of salt
Little almond flavouring
4 ozs warm mashed potato
3 ozs flour
2 ozs sugar

Cream fat and sugar, then add mashed potato, beat well, then rice flour, salt and flavouring. Take out spoon and with hands lightly press the flour (containing a little baking powder) into the mixture, roll out and bake.


2 thoughts on “Potato Short Bread”

  1. As an evacuee in England ,during ww2, I remember many of these recipes made by my mother in London. Did you have more recipes, maybe one called Potato Carrot Mash, which had a piece of chopped bacon on top.Thanks for the memories.Dorothy

  2. hello,

    I’m thinking about cooking these with my class at school, but it doesn’t say how long you cook them for, how long do you suggest?


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