Patriotic Pudding

We have just published a new set of war-time recipes on our main site taken from the Good Fare Recipe Book first published in 1941. Here is a sample recipe.

Patriotic Pudding
4 table-spoons Flour
4 table-spoons grated raw Potato or Fine Oatmeal
1 table-spoon Fat
½ table-spoon Jam, Treacle or Milk and Water to mix Syrup and 1 grated Carrot
½ tea-spoon Bicarbonate of Soda
Pinch of Salt
2 tea-spoons grated Orange or Lemon Rind (if available)
Milk and Water to mix

Rub the fat into the flour, add the rest of the dry ingredients and mix well. Add the jam and carrot, heated in four table-spoons of milk and mix to a soft mixture adding more milk or water if necessary. Turn into a well-greased bowl, cover and steam for 1 hour.

OR: Place jam and carrot in the bottom of a well-greased bowl make the mixture as above, mixing the dry ingredients with the milk only.



Seasonal Soup

Chestnut Soup

Some seasonal soup recipes from 1942

½lb chestnuts
1oz margarine
Quart vegetable stock
Teaspoon sugar
Chopped onion
Teaspoon lemon juice (equivalent in substitute)

Shell, blanch, and peel chestnuts. Put in the pan with the margarine and onion and stew gently with the lid on for ½ hour, or until soft enough to mash through sieve. Add the stock and sugar, and simmer for five minutes. Stir in the lemon juice and serve.

Carrot Cream Soup

1lb carrots
½ pint vegetable stock
1 large onion
1 tablespoon minced parsley
Pint household milk

Scrub carrots and steam until tender. Chop the onion and stew separately in a little milk. Add to the carrots and put through a sieve. Add rest of milk and vegetable stock and make hot. Just before serving add the parsley.


Hot Potato

The humble potato formed the backbone of the British diet during the war years, here are a couple of recipes from the 1942 cookbook.

We have acquired a booklet issued by the Potato Marketing Board from 1940  and we will be putting these recipes on-line soon.

Potatoes (baked)
4 large old potatoes
Salad oil or cooking fat
Scrub potatoes very thoroughly. Cut out eyes (as these collect earth) and any damaged parts. Brush with olive oil, place in a baking tin and bake for about one hour (depending on size of potatoes) in moderate oven. When soft, roll in a cloth in the hands and burst skin to let out steam.
Serve with Parsley Butter.

Parsley Butter
2 oz. margarine
2 tablespoons finely-minced parsley

Work parsley into margarine, without melting it. Form into pats and serve with baked potatoes or cooked carrots, etc.

Potatoes (Baked 2)
6 or more medium-sized potatoes
1 oz. margarine
2 tablespoons breadcrumbs
2 tablespoons water
Celery or onion salt

Scrub the potatoes, brush with melted fat, roll in breadcrumbs  put into casserole with two tablespoons water.
Sprinkle with celery salt. Bake for 1½ hours or less according to size of potatoes. New potatoes may be used.


Return Date

Date Tart or Date and Carrot Tart

1lb stoned dates (or 1lb dates and ½ cup sieved steamed carrots)
2 dessertspoons Bourneville cocoa
½ teaspoon vanilla essence
whole-wheat pastry

Chop up dates and place in basin with 1oz hot water. Line a greased sandwich tin with thin whole-wheat pastry (Recipe below). Now mash up dates to a soft cream, stir in cocoa and vanilla essence, and mix well. Fill pastry casing with mixture, and place a cover of pastry on top. Pinch edges of pastry together, make a cross in the top of the pie, and bake in a fairly quick oven for about three-quarters of an hour. Instead of the cocoa and vanilla essence, the filling may be flavoured with lemon juice substitute.

Whole-wheat Pastry

½lb. whole-wheat flour
4oz cooking fat

Rub fat lightly into the flour and add cold water to make into a stiff dough. Roll out lightly, handling  as little as possible