Seasonal Soup

Chestnut Soup

Some seasonal soup recipes from 1942

½lb chestnuts
1oz margarine
Quart vegetable stock
Teaspoon sugar
Chopped onion
Teaspoon lemon juice (equivalent in substitute)

Shell, blanch, and peel chestnuts. Put in the pan with the margarine and onion and stew gently with the lid on for ½ hour, or until soft enough to mash through sieve. Add the stock and sugar, and simmer for five minutes. Stir in the lemon juice and serve.

Carrot Cream Soup

1lb carrots
½ pint vegetable stock
1 large onion
1 tablespoon minced parsley
Pint household milk

Scrub carrots and steam until tender. Chop the onion and stew separately in a little milk. Add to the carrots and put through a sieve. Add rest of milk and vegetable stock and make hot. Just before serving add the parsley.


Quick Vegetable Soup

Grow and Can your own
Grow and Can your own

½ oz dripping
12 oz mixed vegetables, diced
1½ pints water or stock
Salt and pepper
Chopped parsley

Method: Melt the dripping in a saucepan, add the vegetables and cook gently in the fat for at least 5 minutes. Add the liquid and simmer slowly for 25 minutes. Season the soup, then rub through a sieve to make a purée. Reheat and serve sprinkled with chopped parsley. Serves 4.