Looking for a Date?

Toasted Date Sandwiches

Ever wondered what happened to those boxes of dates that used to appear at Christmas, famously called “Eat Me”. You know the ones, packed in thin wooden boxes complete with a quaint wooden fork, that used to hang around on the sideboard until Easter. Well they are still available, alas the box is now plastic. Some might say that applies to the contents but that would be unkind. This recipe is from the 1942 book.

2 slices wholewheat bread
2 oz. stoned dates

Toast the bread, and while still hot, slit in half. Spread each cut side with margarine. Chop up the dates and spread evenly over, then put the other half back on top, so that the sandwich has the two toasted sides outwards. May be put in the oven to keep hot if liked. Delicious also with cheese or other sweet or savoury fillings.