Prune Recipes

Prunes regularly crop up in wartime recipes, sorry about that. These are from the 1942 cook book. Keeps the Klingon’s happy.

Prune Cream

1lb prunes
½ pint of water
1oz sugar
Lemon juice substitute to flavour
½oz cornflour
Tablespoon of milk

Soak prunes overnight in ½ pint of water and stone.
Crack stones and add kernels to the fruit. Stew very slowly in the water with sugar and lemon substitute until tender. Strain off juice and put prunes through a sieve.
Mix cornflour to a thin paste with milk, put prune juice in saucepan and make up to ½ pint with water, bring to boil and pour on cornflour, return to pan, boil for a few
minutes and stir in sieved prunes. Pour into a mould to cool.

Prune Delicacy

1lb prunes
2 grated apples
1 tablespoon brown sugar
White of 1 egg (omit if unobtainable and substitute a little milk)

Soak prunes for 24 hours. If necessary cook very gently for about ¼ hour. Remove stones and sieve. Add grated apples and sugar. Beat white of egg to stiff froth, fold
into prunes.

Prunes Sieved

2 lb. prunes
¾ pint hot water
1 cup of top milk

Wash prunes and cut round each prune to stone, to help in softening.
Put in covered dish with water and leave to soak 12 hours. If possible in a place where they will keep warm, but not simmer.
Stone prunes and rub through a sieve—the flat bottom of a mug is a good rubber to use.
Add milk, stir well together.