Wartime Rations

Issued by the Ministry of Food












The following listing is for one adult (children receive half) per week.

Bacon and ham (3-4 slices/rashers) 4 oz
Other meats – 2 small chopsButter 2 oz
Cheese 2 oz
Margarine 4 oz
Cooking fat 4 oz
Milk 3 pints
Plus 1 packet dried milk per month
Sugar 8 oz
Preserves (every two months) 1 lb
Tea 2 oz
Egg (shell egg) 1
Plus 1 packet dried egg per month
Sweets 12 oz

Other foods such as canned meat, fish, rice, canned fruit, condensed milk, breakfast cereals, biscuits and vegetables were available in limited quantities on a points system. An adult’s monthly allowance might provide a tin of salmon or fruit, and half a pound of dried fruit. Bread, flour, fish (if available), offal, game (including rabbit, venison, etc), sauces and pickles were not rationed, but were not always available.


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