How To Plan Meals For Children 2

Ministry of Food leaflet, No 6.


Diet for a child from 12 to 17 years

One food from each of the groups (a), (b), (c) and (d) should be served at each meal.

Breakfast 8.0-8.30 a.m.

(a). Whole-grain cereal, 1 to two cupful of, porridge or wheatmealies or wheatflakes preparation or stewed fruit [in hot weather] with milk.

(b). An egg [once a week] or bacon with two to four ounces of potato, or 1 to two ounces of bread or fish [twice a week with herrings if possible]

(c). National bread, two to four slices served as toast, with an item from [d] below ;-

(d). Butter or margarine [two to four teaspoonful] or dripping or bacon fat.

(e). Cocoa or tea to drink.

Mid break. 10-11.0 a.m.

Milk – half a pint [at school].

Dinner 12.30-1.00 p.m.

(a). Meat, fish or cheese, two or three tablespoonfuls of either;- beef or mutton, or liver or kidney, or brains, or sweetbread or chicken, or rabbit, or fish [fresh, salted or dried], or cheese [one or two tablespoonfuls].

(b). Cooked fresh vegetables, two or three tablespoonfuls of cabbage or greens, or cauliflower, or spinach, or sprouts, or Swedes or parsnips, or carrots, or peas or beans.

(c). Potatoes, three or four tablespoonful.

(d). Pudding, three or four tablespoonful of milk, or blancmange, or fruit or sweet tart or flan, or steamed pudding, or baked pudding, or stewed fruit and custard.

(e). National bread, one or two whole slices.

(f). Water to drink.

Note;- Dried peas, beans or lentils should be added to meat, fish or cheese portion, if a full serving cannot be obtained through rationing or shortages.

Tea 4.30-5.0 p.m.

(a). National bread, three to six whole slices with the following;-

(b). Butter, two to three teaspoonful, or margarine, or dripping with the following,

(c). Raw salad, or raw shredded vegetables or vegetable sandwich filling.

(d). Cake, one or two slices, or rusks , or biscuits.

Supper 7.00-8.00 p.m.

(a). Pulse, vegetable dish, or cheese, or fish with ;-

(b). Cooked fresh vegetables, two or three heaped tablespoonfuls [see dinner] or salad with :-

[c). Potatoes – three or four heaped tablespoonful.

(d). National bread, -two to four whole slices with ;-

(e). Butter,- two teaspoonfuls or margarine with ;-

(f). Jam or syrup, or vegetable extract, or paste.

(g). Cocoa, coffee, or soup to drink.


Green Vegetables

Wash well and drop into a small quantity of fast boiling salted water, cook quickly with the lid on for about ten minutes, then drain and serve immediately.

Root Vegetables

Wash and slice root vegetables and cook in a small quantity of fast boiling water which has been slightly salted for up to fifteen minutes, drain and serve immediately.

Jacket Potatoes

Scrub the potatoes well. If a little fat or margarine is available, rub a little on the outside of the potatoes with a fork. Place them on the grid shelves of the oven and bake until soft, this is normally about one hour.


(Sufficient for two children)

Roast Beef

Wipe the meat carefully and put unto a hot oven to seal. Reduce the heat slightly after the first fifteen minutes then allow fifteen to twenty minutes per pound, plus a further twenty minutes. If the meat is stuffed, allow twenty five minutes per pound, plus an additional twenty five minutes.

To make Gravy

Pour off the fat from the meat tin, leaving the brown sediment. Then add about half a pint of boiling vegetable water and continue stirring until the water boils. Add a little salt and yeast extract for colour and flavour.

Stewed Steak and Haricot Beans

Wash and soak the beans overnight [save liquid]. Wipe and cut up the meat, peel the vegetables and dice, melt the fat and fry the vegetables until brown, then remove from the pan. Dip the meat in flour and fry lightly on both sides, add the soaked beans liquid and season then simmer gently for two hours. When cooked, add the vegetables which have been pre heated separately mix well and serve.

Cheese and Lentil or Bean Cutlet

Two to four ounces of cheese.

Five ounces lentils, peas or beans.

Three ounces cooked mashed potatoes.

Salt and pepper.

Method. Wash and cook the lentils in a half pint of water until the moisture has evaporated. Mix and mash the lentils, potatoes and pre. grated cheese. Form into cutlets and roll in browned breadcrumbs then bake in a moderate oven for twenty to thirty minutes, or fry in hot fat for around ten minutes or grill.

Braised Liver or Steak

Eight ounces of mixed root vegetables.

Six ounces of liver or stewing steak.

A little stock or vegetable water.

Salt and pepper.

Method. Chop up the root vegetables and put at the bottom of a fireproof dish. Add the liver or stewing steak and season, pour a little stock, or water half way up the dish. Cover tightly and cook slowly in an oven for about two hours.

Sausage and Bean Pie

Half a pound of sausages [cooked or par cooked]

Four ounces of chopped cooked vegetables.

Four ounces of cooked beans.

4 ounces of pastry.

Four tablespoonfuls of brown sauce.

Salt and pepper.

Method. Arrange the sausages, chopped vegetables and beans in layers in an ovenproof dish, then add the sauce and season well. Roll out the pastry and cover the dish, bake in a moderate oven for half an hour.

Shepherd’s Pie

Three ounces of cooked meat.

Twelve ounces of mashed potatoes.

Six ounces of cooked chopped beans.

Four tablespoonfuls brown sauce.

Salt and pepper.

Method. Mix the meat, chopped vegetables and sauce together, season well and place in a greased pie dish. Cover with well mashed potatoes, then cook in a hot oven until the potatoes are slightly brown, or place under a grill to increase the browning.

Lancashire Hot Pot

Six ounces scrag end mutton

Twelve ounces of sliced carrots and turnips.

Eight ounces of sliced potatoes.

Stock or vegetable water.

Salt and pepper.

Method. Put the ingredients in layers in a casserole dish and finish off with a layer of potatoes. Add stock to come half way up the dish, cover with greased paper and bake for two hours in a moderate oven.


A week’s menu for children aged 12 to 17 years


Day 1. Porridge and milk: egg: toast and butter: tea.

Day 2. Wheatmealies and milk: bacon and fried potatoes: toast and butter: tea.

Day 3. Porridge and milk; fish cakes: toast and butter; tea.

Day 4. Wheatmealies and milk: bacon and fried bread : toast and butter: tea.

Day 5. Porridge and milk: bacon and potato cakes: toast and butter: tea.

Day 6. Wheatmealies and milk: Fish [or sausages and beans]: toast and butter: tea.

Day 7. Porridge and milk; bacon and potato scones: toast and butter: tea.


Day 1. Roast joint; cabbage and roast potatoes; chocolate mould; National bread.

Day 2. Cheese and lentil or bean cutlets; cauliflower or parsnips and jacket potatoes; bread and butter pudding; National bread.

Day 3. Braised liver [or steak]; mashes swede and boiled potatoes; rice; custard and jam; National bread.

Day 4. Stewed tripe [or sausage and bean pie]; sliced carrots and mashed potatoes; baked apple and custard [or scrap bread pudding]; National bread.

Day 5. Shepherd’s pie; greens and potatoes; ginger pudding and custard; National bread.

Day 6. Lancashire hot pot; peas [or sprouts]; trifle; National bread.

Day 7. Brown rabbit stew [or steak and beans]; spinach and potatoes; chocolate duff; National bread.


Day 1. Parsley and potato sandwiches; sweet biscuits; tea.

Day2. Toast and butter; home made cake; tea.

Day 3. Bread and jam; biscuits; tea.

Day 4. Spinach [raw] and cheese sandwiches; sweet biscuits; tea.

Day 5. Bread and jam; home made cakes; tea.

Day 6. Cheese; pickles and raw cabbage sandwiches; sweet biscuits; tea.

Day 7. Carrot and parsley sandwiches; cake; tea.


Day 1. Vegetables and with cheese sauce and potatoes; National bread and jam; cocoa, coffee or soup.

Day 2. Sardine salad; jacket potatoes; sweet rusks; cocoa, coffee or soup.

Day 3. Potato cheese; National bread and butter; watercress [or cabbage] salad; cocoa, coffee or soup.

Day 4. Haricot beans on toast; carrots and potatoes; National bread and jam; cocoa, coffee or soup.

Day 5. Cheese; jacket potatoes; mustard with cress and spinach salad; National bread and butter; sweet meal rusks; cocoa, coffee or soup.

Day 6. Pulse soup or pulse dish and potatoes; National bread and jam; cocoa, coffee,[note pulses are dried peas beans and lentils].

Day 7. Cauliflower cheese or cheese salad; mashed potatoes; sweet rusks; cocoa, coffee or soup.


(sufficient for two children)


2 to 3 ounces of medium oatmeal.

One pint of water.


Method. Soak oatmeal overnight. Put in the pan and bring to the boil and then cook slowly for about half an hour, stirring occasionally [use a double pan if possible]. Add salt and serve with milk.


Six slices of National bread, three quarters of an inch thick.

Method. Cut into quarter inch squares. Put on a baking sheet and bake in a slow oven until brown. Store in a tin. Serve one to two cupfuls to each child.

Fish Cakes

Four ounces of fish [cooked].

Eight ounces of potatoes.

Salt and pepper.

Method. Squeeze extra water out of the bread. Mix all the ingredients together and season. Form into cakes and roll in browned crumbs and fry or bake.

Sausage and Beans

Half a pound of sausage.

Four ounces of beans.

Method. Prick the sausage and fry slowly until cooked. Remove from the pan and fry beans in the fat from the sausage. Serve sausage and beans together.

Bacon and Potato Scones

Eight ounces of cooked potatoes.

Two ounces of cooked bacon.

Two teaspoonfuls chopped parsley.

Half a teaspoonful of mixed herbs.

Salt and pepper,

Method. Chop up the cooked bacon and mix with the potatoes, parsley, herbs and seasoning. Form the mixture into cakes and fry in the fat in which the bacon was cooked, until brown.

Bacon and Potato Cakes

Eight ounces of mashed potatoes.

Two ounces chopped grilled bacon.

Method. Mix together and form into cakes, roll in breadcrumbs and either fry or bake in a hot oven.

Selection of Pudding Dishes

(These are normally sufficient for two children)

Chocolate Mould

Two ounces of cornflower or custard powder.

One and half ounces of sugar.

Half a pint of water.

Half a pint of milk.

Quarter teaspoonful of vanilla.

Six teaspoonful cocoa.

Method. Put two-thirds of the milk and water into a pan. Bring to the boil and then mix in the cornflower, sugar and cocoa together with the remaining milk and water. Bring to the boil and add the vanilla essence, cook for up to three minutes stirring all the time as the mixture thickens. Rinse out the mould with cold water and then pour in the mixture and leave to cool. When cold turn out the mould.

Bread and Butter Pudding

Three ounces of bread.

One and a half ounces of margarine.

One and a half ounces of fruit.

Three quarters of a pint of custard.

Method. Spread the margarine on the bread, then cut into cubes. Arrange a layer of bread cubes and fruit in a small pie dish, then pour the custard over it and bake in a moderate oven until brown.

Cake Trifle

Three ounces of stale cakes

Three teaspoonful of jam.

Three quarters of sweetened custard.

Method. Spread the jam over the cake and then cut into cubes. Place in a dish and pour the custard over the cake.

Steamed Chocolate Duff

Six ounces of flour.

One a half ounces of fat.

One and a half grated raw potato.

Two and a half teaspoonful of cocoa.

Two and a half teaspoonful sugar.

Three quarter teaspoonful baking powder.

Milk and water.

Method. Rub the fat into the flour then mix all the ingredients together. Make into a soft dough with the liquid. Steam in a greased mould for thirty to forty minutes.

Rice Custard

One and a half ounces of rice.

Two teaspoonful of custard powder.

Two teaspoonful sugar

One pint of milk.

Method. Cook the rice in the milk using a double saucepan. Add the sugar and blend the custard powder with a little extra milk or water and add to the rice, mix together. Cook until thick and creamy.

Tea Recipes

Potato and Parsley Sandwiches

Use mashed potato and chopped parsley, mix together and then season to taste. Use as a spread for sandwiches.


Two ounces of sugar.

Two ounces of syrup.

Two ounces of fat.

Eight ounces flour.

Heat the above in a pan.

Half a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda.

Lemon essence.

Ginger or another flavour.

Method. Work the flour into the ingredients in the pan. When four ounces of flour has been worked in the bicarbonate of soda should be first dissolved in a little water and then added to the mixture. Then mix in the rest of the flour and put the mixture in a cool place to harden. Roll out thinly and cut into shapes, prick and place in a moderate oven, and bake for seven to ten minutes.

Golden Cake

Seven ounces of National flour.

Two ounces of sugar.

Two or three ounces of margarine.

Half a teaspoonful of mixed spice.

Half a teaspoonful of powdered spice.

One teaspoonful baking powder.

Quarter pint of milk.

One ounce golden syrup and two teaspoonful vinegar mixed together.

Method. Cream the margarine and sugar, then beat in the syrup and vinegar. Mix together all the other ingredients and add the creamed mixture and milk alternately. When mixed pour into a greased tin and bake in a moderate oven.


(Sufficient for two children)

Vegetables in Cheese Sauce

Up to one pound of cooked mixed vegetables.

Three quarter of a pint of cheese sauce.

Browned breadcrumbs.

Method. Mix together the vegetables and cheese sauce then pour into a pie dish, sprinkle with the breadcrumbs. Place in a moderate oven or under a grill and cook until brown.

Cheese Jacket Potatoes

Scrub up to four potatoes, and pick with a skewer or fork. Bake on the rack in a moderate oven for about three quarter to one hour. Cut down the centre and scoop out the potato inside [save outer case]; mix with two to four ounces of cheese and add a little seasoning and sauce or milk to moisten. Fill the original potato shells and serve hot.

Cauliflower Cheese

One small cauliflower which has already been cooked.

Two to four ounces of cheese.

Three quarters pint of white sauce.

Method. Place the cauliflower in a greased dish. Mix half the cheese with the sauce and pour over the cauliflower. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top and bake or grill until brown.

Haricot Beans and Carrot Toast

Three ounces of cooked beans.

Three ounces of cooked carrots.

Three quarter teaspoonful of marmite.

Salt and pepper.

Method. Mix all the ingredients together and spread on toast, then heat under a grill.

Potato Cheese

One pound of cooked and mashed potatoes.

Two to four ounces of grated cheese.

Salt and pepper.

Method. Mash the potatoes and season well then add half the cheese. Arrange in a greased dish, then sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top and brown under the grill.

Pulse and Parsley Soup

Three to four ounces of peas or beans.

One leek.

Six ounces of carrots.

Two ounces of sprouts or cabbage.

Two tablespoonful of chopped parsley.

One ounce of fat.

One and a half pints of water.

Salt and pepper.

Method. Wash and dice the vegetables. Fry the leek, carrots and spouts [or cabbage] in the fat, add the lentils, water and seasoning, then simmer for two hours. Serve hot and sprinkle the chopped parsley on the soup immediately before serving.