How to Plan Meals for Children 8-12 Months

Leaflet No. 2
Leaflet No. 2

How to Plan Meals for Children

Diet for child from 8-12 months

One food from each of the groups [a], [b], [c], [d] etc., should be served at each meal.

On Waking

1 tablespoonful of orange, tomato or blackcurrant juice, with one tablespoonful of water.

Breakfast. 8.00-8.30 a.m.

(a). Whole grain Cereal—1 to 2 tablespoonfuls of porridge, groats or
rusk, with milk.

(b). Half an Egg [yolk] with – 1 tablespoonful toasted crumbs, or
crisp bacon toast half a slice, or apple or prune pulp [one tablespoonful].

(c). Milk 8 ounces [including cereal].

Dinner. 12.30—1.0 p.m.

(a). Fish or Liver or Egg or Broth—1 tablespoonful of;- steamed fish
[twice a week] or grated liver [once a week] or half lightly boiled egg [once a
week] or steamed vegetable broth [2–4 tablespoonfuls three times a week].

(b). Sieved fresh Vegetables—1 tablespoonful of;- carrots, or
cauliflower, or turnip, or sprouts, or greens, or spinach.

(c). Potatoes—1 tablespoonful of mashed.

(d). Milk given as 1 tablespoonful of—milk pudding, or egg custard,
or junket, or milk gravy.

Note total bulk should be between 4-5 tablespoonful.

Tea. 4.30—5.00 p.m.

[a). National bread.—as:- half a slice, or 1 rusk with;-

(b). butter and,

(c). Jelly jam, or fruit pulp.

(d). 6-8 ounces [1 cup].

10.00 p.m.

Milk—4 ounces until the feed is
dropped. This milk may then be given at 6 pm.

Note. — Give drinks of boiled water between meals.



Breakfast 8.00 –8.30 a.m.

Day 1. Porridge and milk; egg yolk and toasted crumbs; milk.

Day 2. Rusk and milk; bread crisply fried in bacon fat; milk.

Day 3. Groats and milk; egg yolk and toasted crumbs; milk.

Day 4. Rusk and milk; fruit pulp; milk.

Day 5. Porridge and milk; egg yolk and toasted crumbs; milk.

Day 6. Groats and milk; bread crisply fried in bacon fat; milk.

Day 7. Rusk and milk; fruit pulp; milk.

Dinner 12.30—1.00 p.m.

Day 1. Vegetable broth; sieved cabbage and mashed potatoes; milk.

Day2. Steamed fish; sieved cauliflower and mashed potatoes; milk.

Day 3. Vegetable broth; sieved swede and mashed potatoes; milk.

Day 4. Grated liver; sieved carrots and mashed potatoes; milk..

Day 5. Vegetable broth; sieved cabbage and mashed potatoes; milk.

Day 6. Steamed fish; tomato pulp [or sieved sprouts] and mashed potatoes; milk.

Day 7. Half a boiled egg; sieved spinach and mashed potatoes; milk.

Tea 4.30—5.00 p.m.

Each day—bread and butter; jelly, jam or fruit pulp; milk.

Evening 10.00 p.m.

Each day milk.


 8-12 MONTHS

Wheatmeal Rusk

Cut stale National bread into fingers and bake in a slow oven until golden brown.

Apple or Prune Pulp

Wash and soak dried apples or prunes for 12-24 hours. Add a little sugar and cook slowly in water in which they were soaked. When soft press through a sieve and mix pulp and juice before feeding.

Steamed Fish

Wash the fish and steam between two plates over a vegetable saucepan. Remove the bones, mash well with a fork before feeding.

Grated Liver

Wipe the liver then mince or grate. To cook, steam as for fish until the liver turns brown.

Milk Gravy

Mix together vegetable extract and hot milk. Be careful not to let the milk boil. Serve mixed with sieved and mashed vegetables.

Vegetable Broth  (Sufficient for one child])

Quarter pound vegetables.

Half a pint of water.

One teaspoonful fine pearl barley or fine oatmeal.

Method. – Prepare vegetable, cut into cubes and place in a pan with boiling water. Add oatmeal and simmer for half to three quarter’s hour. Sieve and serve.


Sieved Green Vegetables

Wash well, shred and drop into a small quantity of fast boiling slightly salted water. Cook quickly with the lid on for seven to ten minutes. Drain, sieve, and serve.

Sieved Root Vegetables

Wash and slice root vegetables and cook in a small quantity of fast boiling water slightly salted water for ten to fifteen minutes Drain sieve, and serve immediately.

Potatoes in their Jackets

Boiled.- Scrub well, and do not peel. Put into fast boiling water and cook for twenty to twenty five minutes with the lid on. When cooked, peel and mash.

Baked.- Scrub well, cook in a medium oven for one to one and a half hours. When cooked, scoop out the inside and mash.


(Sufficient for four children)

Milk Pudding

One ounce cereal.

Half ounce dried milk.

Three quarters ounce sugar.

Quarter pint milk.

Quarter pint water.

Method. – Reconstitute the dried milk by sprinkling it into half a pint of warm water and whisking well. Wash the cereal and put into a greased pie-dish. Add the sugar and bake in a slow oven.


Half a pint of milk.

One teaspoonful sugar.

Half teaspoonful rennet.

Method. – Warm the milk to blood heat, e.g. heat of little finger. Pour into the serving dish and stir in the rennet and sugar. Leave in a warm place for 30 minutes to set.

Egg Custard

Two teaspoonfuls of sugar.

One and a half dried egg.

Half a pint of milk.


Method. – Reconstitute the eggs by mixing one and a half level tablespoonfuls dried egg with three tablespoonfuls water until a smooth mixture is achieved. Heat the milk and pour over the eggs and return to the pan. Cook slowly until thickened then add the sugar and serve in custard cups.

 Issued by Food Advice Division. Ministry of Food.